Food & Beverages
Food and beverages will be confined to designated areas. Glass containers are not allowed in the pool area. Members using glass/ceramic containers in the designated eating area must keep the container protected on the ground in a bag or cooler to prevent injury due to broken shards.

Snack Bar
Please be sure to inform the snack bar of any allergies. We purchase our food from many vendors and cannot guarantee that any product is free from specific allergens.

Members and their guests are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and placing refuse in containers provided.

Any disorderly behavior (running, ignoring instructions from a lifeguard, fighting, profanity, excessive use of alcoholic beverages) on club property is cause for disciplinary action. This may result in the loss of club privileges for those involved.

Personal Property
The Winchester Swim and Tennis Club, Inc. is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal property.

Damage to Club Property
Members will be responsible, and may be subject to disciplinary action, for any club property abused, removed, damaged or destroyed by a member and/or their guests.

Annual Meeting
The annual open board meeting is typically held in August. The date, time, and location will be announced.

Club Management
The club manager is responsible for all club operations: maintenance, housekeeping, employee and event scheduling, supervision of staff, safety, coordinating of activities to minimize conflict, and any other needed function.

The assistant club manager(s) provide(s) assistance to the club manager and assumes the club manager’s responsibilities when the manager is unavailable.

Club Employees
Employees of the club are to be treated in a courteous and considerate manner.  No employee shall be reprimanded in any way by a member or guest.  Any complaint regarding service, behavior, or inattention to duty by club employees should be immediately brought to the attention of the general manager or manager on duty.  Members may be required to state the complaint in writing.  The Board will take such disciplinary action as it deems necessary.

Grievance Procedure
Suggestions or complaints should be directed to the club manager. Members are asked not to direct their complaints or discuss club procedures with other staff. The manager may require that the suggestion or complaint be made in writing, and/or that an incident report be filed. Please be specific when stating any problem with club facilities. The manager may consult with the Board of Directors, or, may take immediate action and inform the Board subsequently.  The club manager reserves the right to file a formal grievance with the board for members or guests who repeatedly violate the rules, harass employees or other members, or create unsafe situations for themselves or others.

Liability Waiver
All members and guests are required to sign the club liability waiver before using the facilities.  Copies of the waiver are available at the front desk.  Guests should complete a waiver the first time they visit the club for the season.  The waiver will be retained and remain in force for the duration of the season.

Club Hours
The normal club hours are published on the club web site.  The Club Manager reserves the right to close the club, snack bar, pool or courts as needed to maintain safety of members, guests and staff due to weather, darkness, staffing levels or other unforeseen circumstances.  Notification of changes to hours will be communicated via email whenever practical.