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New Member Information

Please Welcome Our Summer 2017 New Members!

We are happy to announce that 30 new families are joining us this 2017 season. WELCOME! We extend an invitation to ALL our members to welcome our new members during the upcoming New Member Brunch, which will take place at the club on Sunday, June 11 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. This is a free event, a great opportunity to meet and greet and share your experience and tips on how to best enjoy the club, from swim team and tennis lessons to our social events, or just a day at the club enjoying family, friends and grilling away. We are looking forward to a new WSTC summer season.

Michael & Eileen Alexopoulos
Ralph & Karen Bolognese
Daniel & Gena Bronson
Allison Tilly Carswell
Tony & Erin Crooks
Shauna Dowden
Michael & Becky Duseau
Christie Falkenberg
William Gately & Virginia Hung
David & Mai Harrison
Timothy & Debra Hillier
Jason & Erika Hoffman
James Hunt & Nicole Arangio
Andrius & Ula Jurkunas
Ed Karadizian & Sharon O’Brien
Ronald & Christine Kensicki
Paul & Robin Ketterer
Milan Kovacev & Silvana Toneatti
Aaron & Janine Kutylo
Kurt & Nancy Machemer
Jason & Jillian Manekas
Steve & Laura McAnena
David & Patricia McKinley
Roger McPeek & Heidi Dix
Dave & Marlene Shaw
Jon Southard & Stephanie Torto
Andre & Laura Turenne
Richard & Alison Vieira
Phil & Kim Walton

WSTC memberships become available only when current members resign from the club. There is a waiting list which is maintained by the Membership Director. The waiting list is updated regularly and it is posted at the club. The waiting period for applicants who apply in 2017 is estimated to be approximately 6 to 7 years, but, as mentioned, it is entirely dependent upon the number of resignations each year.

WSTC Membership Application


Applicants must be sponsored by two members of the Club. Written statements are required. A $100, nonrefundable application fee (payable to Winchester Swim and Tennis Club) is required with this application. Please send the application and fee to Winchester Swim & Tennis Club, PO Box 581, Winchester, MA  01890.


Upon acceptance, new members must pay a nonrefundable initiation fee and the dues for the current year. Fees are subject to change without notice.

To print a copy of the New Member Application, please click on this link:  WSTC New Member Application Form


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