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Board of Directors

Please feel free to contact any member of the Board if you have a question. We’re happy to listen to suggestions for change and recommendations for improvement.

Kathy Lyons, kmlyons2@verizon.net
Alison Trasatti, alisontrasatti@me.com
Kerry Curran, kercurran@me.com
Laura Krotky, lkrotky@comcast.net
Julie Piantedosi, juliepiantedosi@me.com 
Horacio Caperan, membership@winchesterswim.org
Laura Keating, keating.laura@comcast.net
Loren Schipani, mleeschipani@gmail.com
Mary Turner, maryjt07702@gmail.com
Frank MacDonald, fgmacdonald@verizon.net
Human Resources
Alison Bayiates, alandartbayiates@gmail.com


Nominating Committee Formed

We are pleased to announce that the following members have been appointed to the Nominating Committee: Mary Turner, Chair & Current Board Member, Mike Schipani, former WSTC president, Christine Lowenstein, Carrie Boyd and Emily Scully, all long-time members with families that actively participate in swimming, tennis and social activities.

The mission of the committee is to propose a slate of officer and board of director candidates to serve in 2019.  The slate will be submitted to the general membership for approval at the August open board meeting which is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday, August 14, 2018.  The committee will be working actively over the next several months to evaluate leadership priorities and to do the best job possible to match energetic volunteers to these roles.  We anticipate having openings for several 2019 board positions and request that anyone interested in volunteering contact Mary Turner (MaryJT07702@gmail.com) no later than June 15th.

Past Presidents

1965 – 1967                            Frank Stevens
1968 – 1969                            Kenneth Hudson
1970                                        Robert Hinckley
1971 – 1972                            Henry Twitchell
1973 – 1974                            Deane Estabrook
1975                                        William Kennedy
1976                                        William Irving
1977                                        Joseph Cincotta
1978                                        Robert Brosnan
1979                                        John Raucci
1980 – 1981                            Charles Gullino
1982 – 1984                            Stephen Powers
1985 – 1986                            Joseph Cincotta
1987                                        Frank Germain
1988 – 1989                            Stephen King
1990                                        Richard Donovan
1991 -1992                              Marianne VonFeldt
1993                                        Steve Lentine
1994 – 1995                            Peter Minihane
1996 – 1998                            Vincent Cortina
1999 – 2000                            John Primerano
2001 – 2006                            John Fallon
2007 – 2015                          Mike Schipani
2015 – present                       Kathy Lyons


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